The Embodiment of the First Impression is your first glimpse of the divine force operating in your life. It may come through a person, event or something as subtle as the ripples of water over the ocean. The wind across your skin that brings an epiphany with its soft breeze or the words of an inspiring quote. The gain or loss of someone in your life that brought you into the awareness of your purpose in the universe. It may be the moment that you first understood the significance of your presence in the world. The embodiment is the form that something comes in. The first impression is the initial connection between the idea and it's physical expression. When you recognize all things as the embodiment of the first impression you will see that all is truly the experience of one.

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100 thoughts to guide your Divine partnership Throughout our existence we will engage in numerous unique connections in search of the perfect compatibility. Let this book light your path to guide your through this journey of love and life.

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